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Protect your WordPress sites from hackers, bad bots and web crawlers

The Bad Bot Exterminator is a genuine firewall software and not a WordPress plugin, to protect WordPress sites from hackers, bad bots, bad web crawlers and spiders that are a nuisance. These crawlers can and will overload your servers and as a result, from my experience, you will be asked to pay for a more expensive hosting plan. Worst still if they finally attempt a DoS (Denial of Service) or DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack. When that occurs your server shuts down due to the overloading and no one will be able to access and view your webpages.

My WordPress website, the Bread Diaries, has been hacked several times. My sites have been attacked by hackers from Russia, Ukraine, Germany, France, Moldova, USA, Canada, Turkey and the worst of them all were the hackers from China. As the WordPress plugins I was using were not effective against many of these hackers, in 2013, I began to develop anti hacking software for WordPress. After three years of development and testing it is very effective at protecting my blog from hackers, brute force login attempts, DoS & DDoS attacks. My site has never gone down since I installed the Bad Bot Exterminator on my blog.

Do note you cannot prevent hacker attacks. So the most effective way is to implement DDoS protection, brute force protection against WordPress hacker login attempts and use a firewall that blocks hacker attacks. The Bad Bot Exterminator appears to be the best WordPress hacker protection todate as it generates its own blacklist to block hacker ip addresses. This is a very effective way of protecting your WordPress blogs from unknown and known hackers in the world. All hackers are anonymous and many pretend to be Google, Bing and Yahoo bots and therefore it becomes imperative to distinguis between real search engine bots and fake hacker bots.

An introduction to the Bad Bot Exterminator, hacker protection software firewall

Features of the Bad Bot Exterminator

The trend nowadays is to sell software on a yearly licensing fee basis. That is, every year you need to pay for using the software. I am not doing this but selling this WordPress protection software very cheaply with a one time fee.

1. Protect your WordPress blog with the Bad Bot Exterminator today.

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how to increase your blog visitor count
how to increase your blog visitor count

Checkout how to install and run The Bad Bot Exterminator, dpaBadBot
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Protect Your WordPress Websites

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2. The SuperFast Cache Controller

The SuperFast Cache Controller is a WordPress plugin. It generates all the caches for your WordPress website and updates the caches when you edit your WP posts and pages.

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